Art History

Toni Hildebrandt (1984, Chemnitz, Germany. Lives and works in  Basel) studied art history, musicology, philosophy and romance  literature at the Friedrich-Schiller- Universität of Jena, in  Germany, the Hochschule für Musik of Weimar, the Università  degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza and the Italian Institute for  Philosophical Studies in Naples. He took a PhD at the University  of Basel after a doctoral program supervised by the Universities  of Bonn, Florence and Paris-Sorbonne. He is a researcher at  the University of Basel, inside the eikones – Bildkritik national  research center.  In Rome, Hildebrandt is continuing his study of the documentary  in the form of an appeal to UNESCO Le Mura Di Sana’a by Pier  Paolo Pasolini.